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When Serving Fried Food

Make it a rule when serving fried food to have an acid food, either a vegetable or a garnish, accompany the dish.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when planning to serve fried foods: Use very small quantities of foods that are cooked in fat for people occupying sedentary positions, while those who are employed in active or laborious work may eat a larger proportion. Persons who are working at hard manual labor, out of doors, will be able to assimilate daily portions of fried food without any physical disturbances.

For digestion's sake, learn to serve:

  • juice of lemon with fried fish
  • apple sauce with pork or goose
  • cranberry or currant jelly with poultry, lamb or mutton
  • horseradish with beef

It is a curious thing that nature demands these combinations to equalize the fatty content of the meal. Save and clarify the various fats and utilize each particular kind, so that there need be no waste. Chop all bits of suet fine and place in a double boiler and then render. Chicken and pork fat may be rendered in this way.


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