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Waffles are made from a thin batter and are baked in a well-heated waffle iron. Many failures to make good waffles are due to the fact that the iron is not sufficiently hot. The iron must be thoroughly cleaned after each baking. Place the iron on the range to heat, turning it several times.

Try this method in greasing the iron. Purchase a large-sized sewing machine oil-can, wash well in plenty of hot water and soap, then rinse thoroughly and dry. Now fill with a good salad oil and when the iron is heated, oil it on both sides. Now you are ready to bake the waffles. Reverse the iron, having the hot side on top, and pour in the batter and then bake about three minutes, reversing the iron once.

When the waffles are baked remove from the iron and then oil and reverse it again, putting the side that was next to the fire on top and then pour in the batter, close and bake as before.


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