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How to Fry Crullers or Doughnuts Golden Brown

When ready to fry place four cups of vegetable oil in a pan. The pan should not be too large and the fat should be deep enough to allow the cruller to swim at least two and one-half inches from the bottom of the pan.

Heat the fat and test before starting to cook by dropping in a small piece of the dough and starting to count 101, 102, 104 and so on until 110 is reached. The sample should now be floating on top and a light brown in color. Do not attempt to start frying before this time, as the fat will not be sufficiently hot and the crullers will soak up the grease.

Drop four or five doughnuts in the hot fat at a time, turning constantly, and cook until golden brown, lift, let drain few seconds, lay on paper towelling and then roll in sugar and cinnamon.


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