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Christmas Goodies

In the days of long ago, before the day of heated apartments and water-heated homes, the housewife used the cellar as the cold-storage room. To-day this is impossible. For the householder who has an outside enclosed laundry or summer kitchen, the problem of keeping the holiday delicacies is quite an easy one. But to those of us who dwell in flats and apartments, some other way must be arranged.

Here are two new ideas that are worth trying: First, a window box on the shady side of the house. This box must be lined with asbestos paper on the inside, and then covered with the same paper and an additional covering of oil cloth upon the outside.

By covering the box in this way, the housewife is assured of a smaller storage space of an even temperature. Neither the extreme cold nor heat will affect this box. A thick layer of newspapers may be used as a lining, between the inside covering of the asbestos and the oil cloth covering upon the outside of the box.

Mincemeat must be stored in a cool, dry place to blend and ripen, without the danger of freezing. This is also an ideal time for the mother to plan to have the family help her and at the same time knit the home ties very closely together. The home where the family joins in the evening to make the seasonable delicacies is a very happy one. Let the children have some of their friends in to help them with the preparations.


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