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Breakfast Tips

A nice change for the family is to give them corn muffins and plain rolls or biscuits in place of bread. Usually in the hurry and bustle of getting the business folk off in time in the morning and then preparing the children for school the housewife does not have the time to prepare these homey, old-fashioned breads for breakfast.

The price of butter makes it almost prohibitive to use it as a spread for hot cakes, yet we all like the butter flavor. So let us follow the example of the thrifty New England woman, who puts the syrup into a good-sized pitcher and then adds two tablespoons of butter to one and one-half cups of syrup. Place the pitcher into a pan of warm water and then heat. Stir frequently, so that the butter will melt and blend thoroughly with the syrup. Just before sending to the table beat thoroughly. This not only makes a delicious spread for hot cakes and waffles and the like, but it is a real economy and a saving in butter.


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