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In using self-sealing glass jars great care must be taken. If the work is properly done the fruit can be kept for years.

Have a kettle of hot water on the stove beside the preserving kettle, and also a small dipper of hot water.

Plunge a jar into the hot water, having the water strike both inside and outside the jar at the same time. If you set it down instead of plunging it, it will break.

Put the cover in the dipper.

When the jar is hot, lift it up and pour the water from it into the kettle. Stand the jar in the hot water and fill it with hot fruit from the preserving kettle. Fill to the brim with the hot syrup. Take the cover from the dipper of hot water and screw it on very tightly.

In using the jars a second time have the right cover and band for each one. A large-mouthed funnel, such as grocers have, is almost indispensible in the work of preserving.

Jellies and jams should be put in tumblers or bowls. A paper should be cut to fit the top, and then wet in brandy, and another paper should be pasted over it. Jelly tumblers with glass covers are more convenient than the old-fashioned ones, and where they are used the second paper cover is not necessary.

It is better not to cover until some weeks after the jelly is made.

White crushed sugar is much the nicest for preserving.

If jelly does not seem hard, as it should be the day after it is made, it can be set in the sun for several hours, which will help it greatly.


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