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Paper Cases

This is not difficult, if one will carefully study for a moment the diagram below and the directions following:

Paper cases

Cut the paper on the dark lines (there are eight).

Crease on every dotted line.

At each end turn the parts lettered A over that lettered B, so that the lines c rest on the line d, and one A overlaps the other.

Fold the parts B up against the backs of the parts A.

Fold inward those parts of the edges which are lightly shaded, and fold outward those which are heavily shaded.

Stick the parts of the box together with the white of an egg mixed with a little flour.

Remember that it is a box that is to be made, and after the first two steps it may be easy to guess how to complete the work. By tracing a copy of the diagram one obtains a good model one quarter of the size the case should be; that is, the square should be five inches on a side instead of two and one-half. After experimenting with this the shape may be varied to suit the taste. Stiff white paper should be used. Cases can be bought of restaurateurs. They are used for biscuit glacé, biscuit soufflé, and other dainties.


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