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The bread for the cr˘ustade must not be too light, and should be at least three days old. If the loaf is round, it can be carved into the form of a vase, or if long, into the shape of a boat. Have a very sharp knife, and cut slowly and carefully, leaving the surface as smooth as possible.

There are two methods by which it can be browned: one is to plunge it into a deep pot of boiling fat for about one minute; the other is to butter the entire surface of the bread and put it into a hot oven, being careful not to let it burn. Care must be taken that the inside is as brown as the outside; if not, the sauce will soak through the croustade and spoil it.

Creamed oysters, stewed lobster, chicken, or any kind of meat that is served in a sauce, can be served in the cr˘ustade.


Miss Parloa's New Cook Book.


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