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Left-Over Eggs

The soft boiled eggs that are left from breakfast will be at once hard boiled, put into the refrigerator, and when four have accumulated, use them for Beauregard eggs, à la Newburg dishes or garnishes. Poached eggs that are left over may be dropped at once into boiling water, cooked slowly until perfectly hard, and put aside for chopping, to use as a garnish for a curry or some vegetable dish with which they will nicely blend.

The tablespoonful or two of stewed tomatoes left in the dish from dinner will be put aside to use for tomato omelet, or they may be added to the roasted beef gravy for dinner, converting a plain homely gravy into one of better flavor. The half cup of peas may be added to to-morrow's consommé, or used as a garnish for the breakfast omelet. The green portions of celery will be put aside for stewing; the tender white part for serving raw; while the leaves and roots will be used for flavoring soups and sauces.

The yolk of egg left over, if put into a cup or saucer will, in less than two hours, become hard, dry and useless. This same yolk dropped into a cup half filled with cold water will keep for several days, and may be used for mayonnaise or added to a sauce. When needed, it may be carefully lifted with a spoon and used the same as a fresh yolk.


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