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Left-Over Cheese

The shells of Edam, or pine-apple cheese, after all the available cheese has been scooped out, will be used as a baking dish for stewed spaghetti or macaroni or rice. If care is taken, one shell may be used for three or four bakings. Boil the macaroni in plain water until tender; then drain, cut it into small pieces and add it to cream sauce. Pour this into the cheese shell, stand the shell on a piece of oiled paper in a baking pan and run into a moderate oven for fifteen or twenty minutes. Lift the shell carefully, put it on to a heated dish, and send at once to the table. After the macaroni has been taken out, the shell will be cleaned and put aside in a cold place for the next baking. There is just enough cheese imparted by the toasting of this shell to give an agreeable flavor to the macaroni. Plain boiled rice may be heaped into the shells and steamed, or baked in the oven for a few moments.

Any scraps or bits of common cheese, when too hard and dry to serve on the table should be grated, put into a jar and put aside for cheese balls to serve with lettuce, cheese soufflé, for baked macaroni, or spaghetti, or for croquettes, cheese sauce, or Duchess soup.


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