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Bits of cold broiled or roasted game may be chopped very fine, rubbed to a smooth paste either in a bowl or mortar. To each half pint of this mixture allow two tablespoonfuls of brown sauce thoroughly rubbed with the game, and the unbeaten white of one egg; press the whole mixture through an ordinary flour sieve; then stir in the well-beaten whites of two eggs, four mushrooms chopped almost to a powder, and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Fill this into little greased molds or cups; the cups may be garnished with chopped truffle or mushrooms, or served plain. Fill in the mixture, stand the cups in a baking pan half filled with boiling water; cook in a moderate oven twenty minutes. The little bomb-shaped molds are the better sort to use for these. Serve with brown sauce either plain or flavored with mushrooms.


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