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White Soup. No. 6


  • knuckle of veal
  • celery
  • herbs
  • slices of ham
  • cayenne
  • white pepper
  • 1 pound of sweet almonds
  • 1 pint of cream
  • yolks of 8 eggs


Take the knuckle of veal; stew it with celery, herbs, slices of ham, and a little cayenne and white pepper; season it to your taste. When it is cleared off, add the sweet almonds, cream, and the yolks, boiled hard and finely bruised. Mix these all together in your soup; let it just boil, and send it up hot. You may add a French roll; let it be nicely browned.

The ingredients here mentioned will make four quarts.


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The Lady's Own Cookery Book (1844).

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