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Root Soup


  • 6 potatoes
  • 6 French turnips
  • 6 English turnips
  • 6 carrots
  • 6 celery
  • 3 or 4 onions
  • bones of a rump of beef, or, if you have no such thing, about two pounds of beef, or any other beef bones
  • pepper
  • salt


Take the potatoes, French turnips, English turnips, carrots, celery; pare and wash them; add the onions; set them on the fire with the bones. Chop them up, and put them on the fire with water enough to cover them; let them stew very gently till the roots are all tender enough to rub through a sieve. This done, cut a few roots of celery small, and put it to the strained soup. Season it with pepper and salt, and stew it gently till the celery is tender; then serve it with toast or fried bread. A bundle of herbs may be boiled in it, just to flavour it, and then taken out.


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The Lady's Own Cookery Book (1844).

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