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Beef Steaks and Oysters


  • 24 oysters
  • 1 pint of jelly gravy
  • piece of butter
  • 2 spoonfuls of flour
  • beef-steak


Put the oysters into a stewpan with their own liquor; when it boils add a spoonful of water; when the oysters are done drain them in a sieve, and let the liquor settle; then pour it off clear into another vessel; beard them, and add the jelly gravy to the liquor; add the butter and flour to thicken it. Let this boil fifteen minutes; then throw in the oysters, and let it stand. Take a beef-steak, pare it neatly round, and dress it as usual; when done, lay it on a hot dish, and pour the sauce and oysters over it.


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The Lady's Own Cookery Book (1844).

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