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Sandwich Making

The bread should be cut evenly.

The thickness of the slice should vary with the appetite of the consumer.

The crust should not be removed.

The butter should be creamed for spreading.

Both slices should be buttered, in order to prevent the absorption of the filling.

The filling should be carefully placed between the slices.

The sandwiches should be wrapped in waxed paper, to prevent drying.

Suggestions for Sandwich Filling

  1. Egg and ham
  2. Raisin filling
  3. Fig filling
  4. Egg
  5. Equal parts of finely-cut nuts and grated cheese, with salad dressing
  6. Equal parts of grated cheese and chopped olives
  7. Sardines with lemon juice or a little dressing
  8. Chopped dates with a little cream. Nuts may be added.
  9. Thinly sliced tomatoes (seasonal)
  10. Sliced cucumbers
  11. Marmalade. Chopped nuts may be added.


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