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Useful Utensils

  • Baking Dishes: Earthenware are the best.
  • Bread Grater: The simple tin grater, price 1d., grates bread, vegetables, lemon rind, etc.
  • Basins: Large for mixing, small for puddings, etc.
  • Egg Slice: For dishing up rissoles, etc.
  • Egg Whisk: The coiled wire whisk, price 1d. or 2d., is the best.
  • Food Chopper: See that it has the nut-butter attachment.
  • Frying basket and stew-pan to fit.
  • Frying and Omelet Pans: Cast aluminium are the best.
  • Gem Pans
  • Jars: Earthenware jars for stewing.
  • Jugs: Wide-mouthed jugs are easiest to clean.
  • Jelly and Blanc Mange Moulds
  • Lemon Squeezer: The glass squeezer is the best.
  • Marmalade Cutte
  • Nut Mill
  • Nutmeg Grater
  • Palette Knife: For beating white of egg, scraping basins, etc.
  • Paste Board and Rolling Pin
  • Pestle and Mortar
  • Preserving Pan: Copper or enamelled.
  • Raisin Seeder
  • Saucepans: Cast aluminium are the best.
  • Scales and Weights
  • Sieves: Hair and wire.
  • Still: For distilling water.
  • Strainers
  • Tins: Cake tin, qr. qtn. tin, vegetable and pastry cutters.


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The Healthy Life Cook Book (1915).

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