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Pate of Game With Cold Meat


When the paste is placed in the mould, line it with thin slices of salt pork, then put a very thin layer of sausage-meat, then fill with butcher's meat, poultry, and game, having previously removed all the bones, and cut the meat in strips; the greater the variety, the better the pate. Put a little of each kind of meat used in a mortar, say from one ounce to a pound, with parsley, thyme, bay-leaf, salt and pepper; pound the whole well and then mix with one egg, half a gill of white wine, or a liquor-glass of brandy, to every pound of meat. Fill the hollow places with the mixture, to which you may add a little gravy or broth if it is not liquid enough. Place thin slices of salt pork on the top, cover with paste, cook and serve as above also.


Hand-Book of Practical Cookery (1884).


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