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How to Select

See if the meat is fine, of a clear red color, with yellowish-white fat.

Cow Beef

Cow beef must also be of a clear red color, but more pale than other beef; the fat is white.

Bull Beef

Bull beef is never good; you recognize it when you see hard and yellow fat; the lean part is of a dirty-reddish color.

The rump piece is generally prepared a la mode. For steaks, the tenderloin and the piece called the porter-house steak, are the best; rump steaks are seldom tender.

The roasting or baking pieces are the tenderloin, the fillet, and some cuts of the ribs.

For soup, every piece is good; to make rich broth, take pieces of the rump, sucket, round, etc., but every piece makes excellent broth, and therefore excellent soup.

A good piece of rib, prepared like a fillet or tenderloin, makes an excellent dish, the bones and meat around them being used to make broth.


Hand-Book of Practical Cookery (1884).


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