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Roasting or Baking

Oven roasting or baking is applied to roasts.

Place the roast in a hot oven, or if gas is used, put in the broiling oven to sear the outside quickly, and thus keep in the juices. Salt, pepper and flour. If an open roasting pan is used place a few tablespoonfuls of fat and 1 cup of water in the pan, which should be used to baste the roast frequently. If a covered pan is used basting is unnecessary.

Beef or mutton (5 to 8 lbs.) 10 min. to the lb. 10 min. extra
Lamb (5 to 8 lbs.) 12 min. to the lb. 12 min. extra
Veal (5 to 8 lbs.) 15 min. to the lb. 15 min. extra
Pork (5 to 8 lbs.) 25 min. to the lb. 25 min. extra
Turkey   20 min. to the lb.  
Chicken   30 min. to the lb.  
Duck   30 min. to the lb.  
Goose   30 min. to the lb.  
Game   30 min. to the lb.  


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Foods That Will Win the War and How to Cook Them (1918).

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