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How to Clean Poultry

Singe fowl over free flame.

Cut off head just below bill.

Untie feet, break bone and loosen sinews just below joint; pull out sinews and cut off feet.

Cut out oil sac.

Lay breast down, slit skin down backbone toward head; loosen windpipe and crop and pull out.

Push back skin from neck and cut off neck close to body.

Make slit below end of breastbone, put in fingers, loosen intestines from backbone, take firm grasp of gizzard and draw all out.

Cut around vent so that intestines are unbroken.

Remove heart and lungs. Remove kidneys.

See that inside looks clean, let cold water run through, then wipe inside and out with wet cloth.

Cut through thick fleshy part of gizzard and remove inside heavy skin without breaking, then cut away gristly part so that only thick, fleshy part is used.


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