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Gooseberry Pottage


  • 2 quarts of fine large gooseberries
  • sugar
  • 3 pints of rich milk
  • 1 pounded nutmeg
  • yolks of 4 eggs


Stew the gooseberries in just sufficient water to cover them. When quite soft and broken, mash them with the back of a spoon, make them very sweet with sugar, and set them away to get cold. Take the milk; stir into it the nutmeg and the yolks. Then set it over a bed of hot coals, and let it simmer, stirring it gently all the time. Before it comes to a boil, take it off the fire and gradually stir in the gooseberries. It must be quite cold before you serve it up. Send it to table in a bowl, and eat spunge-cake with it.

It will be still nicer, if you use the pulp only of the gooseberries, pressed through a sieve or cullender.


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Domestic French Cookery (1836).

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