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Molasses Candy or Taffy


  • 1 quart of good molasses (not sugar house)
  • 1 tea-cup of sugar
  • butter


Put the molasses in a dutch-oven or iron pot, having previously greased it with butter; let it boil very fast, stirring it all the time for fifteen minutes; then put in the sugar and let it boil fifteen minutes longer, stirring all the time; take a little out on a plate, and when it is brittle, pour it while hot into tin plates rubbed with butter; put it in a cold place and break it up when you want it for use; never put taffy in china or earthen plates, as they would probably be broken in taking it out. Some think it an improvement to add the kernels of black walnuts, nicely picked; put them in just as you take up the taffy and give it one stir; a tea-cup of kernels to a pint of molasses is a good proportion.


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