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Mock Oysters of Corn


  • 18 ears of large young corn
  • 3 large table-spoonfuls of sifted flour
  • yolks of 6 eggs


Take the corn, and grate all the grains off the cob as fine as possible. Mix with the grated corn the sifted flour, the yolks well beaten. Let all be well incorporated by hard beating.

Have ready in a frying-pan an equal proportion of lard and fresh butter. Hold it over the fire till it is boiling hot, and then put in portions of the mixture as nearly as possible in shape and size like fried oysters. Fry them brown, and send them to table hot. They should be near an inch thick.

This is an excellent relish at breakfast, and may be introduced as a side dish at dinner. In taste it has a singular resemblance to fried oysters. The corn must be young.


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Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches (1840).

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