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Timbale la Sicilienne


Butter a deep round form, line it with neapolitan paste, cover the latter with buttered paper, fill the form with dry peas and bake in a hot oven; when done and cold remove peas and paper, take the timbale from the form, brush over the inside and outside with peach or apricot marmalade and decorate it around and on top with blanched half almonds and currants; take a form 1 inch wider than the one above, place it into cracked ice and pour in, to the depth of about 3/4 inch, some clear lemon jelly; as soon as cold place timbale into the form and fill space between the timbale and form with lukewarm lemon jelly; let it remain on ice till needed; when ready to serve fill the timbale with peach, pineapple or strawberry plombiere or any kind of frozen cream; dip the form into warm water, dry quickly, turn it onto a round dish and decorate with sugared orange quarters.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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