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Steamed Apples


Pare and core 1/2 dozen large tart apples and stick 6 cloves all around into each apple; put them in a pan, put a little sugar into each apple and pour some boiling water in the pan; cover and steam them on top of the stove until a straw will penetrate through them easily; transfer the apples to a dish and set aside to cool; boil the peels and cores in water till soft; then strain through a jelly bag, add the water the apples were boiled in and boil the two together 20 minutes; then add for 1 pint liquid 1 pound sugar and boil 10 minutes more; put 1 teaspoonful currant jelly into each apple and set aside to cool; arrange the apples neatly in a long dish, pour the apple jelly over them and set in a cool place till wanted.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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