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Spinning Sugar


Put 3/4 pound loaf sugar in a small copper kettle, add sufficient cold water to half cover the sugar and stir until it is melted; then place the kettle over a strong fire and boil the sugar to a crack (the 6th grade); add a few drops vinegar, remove the kettle, dip it for a few minutes into cold water and let it cool off a little; if the sugar is spun when too hot the threads will be too thin and lumps will form; then place the kettle in a pan of hot water, or on the side of stove, to keep the sugar warm; take a large knife in the left hand and hold it out straight before you; take a silver spoon in the right hand, dip it into the sugar without touching the bottom of kettle and let some of the sugar run off from the spoon; then spin long threads back and forth over the knife from right to left; after a considerable amount of sugar is spun in this way take it from the knife, lay on clean paper and spin the rest in like manner; when all is spun form the sugar into pompoms, garlands, bouquets, etc. Half the sugar may be colored with cochineal to a delicate pink. The sugar should be spun in a place free from draughts and in clear and dry weather. This sugar is used for decorating and trimming dishes.


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