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Oyster and Chicken Salad


Remove the skin and bones from 1 cold, roasted chicken and cut the meat into pieces 1 inch in size; put it into a dish, sprinkle over a little salt, the juice of 2 lemons and pour over a few spoonfuls fine salad oil; then place the dish on ice; in the meantime scald 1 1/2 dozen large oysters in their own liquor, take them out and put the oysters in a dish with some cracked ice; have prepared 2 quarts sour jelly (aspic) and pour a few spoonfuls of it onto a large, shallow tin pan; when firm trim the oysters so that there is nothing left but the eye; lay them over the jelly (not too close together), pour over a little more cold jelly and when firm pour over sufficient cold jelly to entirely cover the oysters; let it stand in a cool place till firm; 10 minutes before serving wipe the chicken meat dry with a napkin; pour some fine mayonaise into a salad dish, lay over a layer of the chicken meat and cover with mayonaise; continue in this way till all is used; cover the whole with mayonaise in such a way that none of the chicken is seen; then lay a border of cresses around it; cut the oysters into rounds with a fluted cutter a little larger than the oysters, lay them on the cresses and serve. Lettuce may be used instead of cresses.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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