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Orange Baskets (with Jelly)


Choose 1 dozen large oranges and cut them into the shape of small baskets with handles; this is done by holding the orange in the left hand and cutting with a penknife a small quarter from each side of the orange toward the top, so as to leave the skin for the handle 1/2 inch wide; then cut the skin evenly all around; next separate the inside from the outside skin with the penknife and completely hollow the orange out, so that only little more than half of the skin with the handle is left; cut the edges into small scallops with a scizzors and lay the baskets in cold water; press out the juice from the oranges and with it make a jelly (see Orange Jelly); take the baskets from the water, wipe dry and with a napkin under them set on a tray; have the jelly on ice and when it begins to thicken fill up the baskets and place them on ice; if there should be any small holes in the baskets paste them up from the outside with butter, which must be removed before serving; serve on a napkin and garnish with green leaves. These baskets may also be filled with Gelée Russe.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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