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How to Use Icing


Over large cakes pour the icing by spoonfuls near center on top of cake and spread it with a broad-bladed knife dipped in cold water all over the cake as smoothly as possible; set it in a cool oven for a few minutes, then in a dry, airy place, free from dust, to dry. Some icing does not need to be put in the oven, as it dries immediately, as will be seen from the directions given in following recipes. Small cakes are dipped into the icing or into glaze and then laid on paper or tins to dry. If the cake is to be ornamented make a paper funnel as follows: Take a piece of brown paper, not too thick, or white tea paper 12 inches square and cut it through on the bias in two pieces from one corner to the other; take one piece in your right hand, the bias side from you, roll with the left hand, the bias side towards you, and form the paper into a funnel; bend the end where it closes near the top over to the inside, clip a small piece from the end of funnel with a scissors and slip a small tube inside it to the end opening; then put in the icing and bend the top of funnel in all around the same way as 1/4 pound tea is put up in those small funnel-shaped bags; next press the icing down towards the end and commence to squirt it onto the cake. The cake may be ornamented with a border and a harp in the center, or an anchor or any kind of a pattern that may be desired. Flowers and leaves may be bought at any confectionery and pasted on with a little icing.


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