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The articles which are mostly used in garnishing are: Lettuce, cresses and hard boiled eggs (either cut into slices or quarters or chopped fine, the yolks and whites separately, and laid alternately in small clusters all over the salad); or cut green pickles in slices and lay them in a circle around the salad with small clusters of finely chopped beets and chopped eggs; small girkins, capers, olives and very small, white pickled onions are also used for garnishing. Another way is to cut boiled carrots, white turnips and beets into fancy shapes, such as half moons, stars, leaves and roses, with a vegetable cutter; anchovies are also largely used in garnishing. They are freed from skins and bones and then rolled up and laid in a circle around the dish with small white onions, pink horseradish and olives or girkins.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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