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Fromage Bavarois au Pain Noir


Cut a small pumpernickel into slices, lay on a tin in the oven to dry and roll them fine; take 1 cup of these crumbs and stir them into a bavarois of almond or vanilla; after the cream has been added turn into a form and pack in ice for 2 hours. For all bavarois the forms may be lined first with jelly and decorated with fruits, nuts, currants, etc. In order to do this place a form into cracked ice and pour in a few spoonfuls fruit jelly; when firm take whatever is going to be used onto a larding needle, dip each piece into jelly and lay them into the form in fancy patterns; pour in a little more jelly and when firm lay the form over on its side; pour in a little jelly at a time; keep turning form, so that the whole inside may be covered with jelly; then decorate the same as bottom and fill with Fromage Bavarois la Vanille or any other kind.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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