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Flan de peches


Roll out 1/2 pound short paste 1/8 of an inch in thickness, lay a deep jelly cake tin upside down onto the crust and cut the paste off close to the tin with a knife; remove the tin and lay the round piece of paste into the bottom of tin; roll out the remaining paste and cut it into strips a little wider than the rim of the jelly tins, ornament them with a pastry wheel or scallop one side of the strips; fit the strips in neatly inside the rim so the points of scallops stand a little above the edge of tin; fill the tin half full of apricot marmalade mixed with apple marmalade and also spread some of the marmalade on the sides; put the flau in a hot oven and bake till done; in the meantime pare and cut into halves 12 large, ripe peaches and boil them 5 minutes in sugar syrup; remove the peaches and boil the syrup till it begins to thicken; lay the peaches into the syrup again, add 1 teaspoonful vanilla extract and boil them for a few minutes; when the flau is done take it from the oven; remove the brown crust of marmalade and spread over a little fresh marmalade; take the flan out of the jelly tin, slip it onto a large plate and put in the peaches; have the peach kernels blanched and freed from the brown skins, divide in halves and lay them over the peaches; put little bits of currant jelly over the peaches; boil the peach syrup down a little more and pour when cold, just before serving, over the peaches. This may be made of apples, cherries, apricots, plums, pears or any kind of preserved fruit.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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