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Flan de fruits printaniers


Roll out 1/2 pound short paste (Mrber Teig) 1/8 of an inch thick and lay over it a large pie plate or round tin cover 12 inches in diameter; cut the paste off close to the edge of plate, lift off the plate and put the round piece of paste onto a large buttered tin or thick brown paper; next prepare a warm paste (pt choux), put it into a paper funnel and squirt a border 1 inch high on the surface on top of the round close to the edge; then squirt small rills towards the center of round, so that the flan can be cut by these rills and each piece has a border of the paste; then squirt into each compartment 2 rills, so that each piece has 2 compartments; brush the whole over with beaten egg and bake a light brown; take an equal quantity of currants, raspberries and strawberries, sprinkle them thickly with sugar and set in a cool place; then cut some preserved peaches into pieces and add finely cut preserved pineapple and preserved pitted cherries; reduce the liquor of the 3 preserves by boiling it down; then set it aside to cool; when the flan is done remove it from oven and set aside to cool; shortly before serving cut the flan into pieces, lay them on a large, round plate on a napkin (or take a round teatray) and arrange the pieces so that the flan has its original form again; next put into each compartment the fruit; arrange it tastily, pour a little syrup over each one, brush the border over with syrup and serve.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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