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Flan d'apricots la creme meringue


Line a large, deep jelly cake tin with short paste (Mrber Teig), ornament the edge with a pastry wheel, fill it half full of cream frangipane flavored with vanilla and bake in a medium hot oven; when done carefully take it out of the pan, lay it on a flat tin and put a layer of preserved apricots over; cover them with cream frangipane, so the flan is evenly full, spread over a thin layer of apricot marmalade and over this a thin meringue; take some meringue in a paper funnel and squirt rills in small squares over the top like lattice work; dust over some fine sugar and place in a slow oven to bake till a light brown; when cold put a little currant jelly into each small square and serve on a napkin.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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