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Apples (with Currant Jelly)


Take 6 large greening apples, 1 cup currant jelly and 1 cup sugar; pare, core and cut the apples into quarters and lay them in cold water; put the cores and peels in a saucepan, cover with water and boil till tender; strain them through a jelly bag and return liquid to saucepan; as soon as it boils put in some of the apples (not too many at once, so they do not crowd one another) and boil until a straw will easily pierce through them; then take them out carefully, lay on a dish to cool and boil the remaining apples the same way; when all are boiled again strain the liquid and boil it 20 minutes; then measure it; add to 1 pint liquid 1 pound sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved; then add the currant jelly and stir and boil 2 minutes; then remove from fire; rinse out a mould with cold water, sprinkle with sugar, lay in the apple quarters and pour the liquid when nearly cold over them; set on ice to get firm; in serving turn them onto a dish and lay a circle of whipped cream around the dish or the whites of 3 eggs beaten to a stiff froth and mixed with 1 tablespoonful powdered sugar; put the yolks of the 3 eggs with 2 tablespoonfuls sugar and 1 pint milk in saucepan and stir over the fire till just about to boil; add 1 teaspoonful vanilla and when cold serve with the apples. This makes a pretty dish for supper or dessert.


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Desserts and Salads (1920).

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