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Rice, How to Boil for Curries


Take an enamelled saucepan to hold four quarts, and fill it three-quarters full of fresh water, and let it boil. During the time the water is boiling, soak two pounds of rice (white) for three minutes in cold water; then strain off the water, and put the rice in the pan that is boiling, and stir for two minutes, and cover it up. When boiling put in a spoon, and take out some rice and feel it with your finger. If it is done drain off all the water, and place the pan near a hot oven till wanted.

Must not let it be overdone. If it is overdone and nearly soft, just drain the boiling rice water, and add a few cups of very cold water. Stir it, and drain again, and set by the fire or on hot oven for a few minutes, and you will find each grain separate. Boiled rice ought to have each grain separate.

N.B. The rice I have seen in England they call it "Patcha Areysi," used for rice cakes, etc., in India and Ceylon, etc. I mean the rice taken out the shell without boiling the paddy. The rice taken out the shell, called "Sothareysigal," as follows, of Rangoon, Chittagong, Bengal, etc., etc.:

  • Samba
  • Muthoo Samba
  • Mollagoo Samba
  • Oosi Samba
  • Collundha
  • Bangalam
  • Cara
  • Vallareysee
  • Masareysi
  • Waddakathy Samba

And several other native names too numerous to mention. The above all good for eating after boiled.


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The Curry Cook's Assistant (1889).

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