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Pressed Chicken (a nice luncheon dish)


Boil a chicken, in as little water as possible, till the bones slip out and the gristly portions are soft. Remove the skin, pick the meat apart, and mix the dark and white meat. Remove the fat, and season the liquor highly with salt and pepper; also with celery, salt and lemon juice, if you desire. Boil down to 1 cup, and mix with the meat. Butter a mould and decorate the bottom and sides with slices of hard-boiled eggs; also with thin slices of tongue or ham cut in fancy shapes. Pack the meat in and set away to cool with a weight on the meat. When ready to serve, dip mould in warm water and turn out carefully. Garnish with parsley, strips of lettuce or celery leaves and radishes or beets. The eggs and tongue can be dispensed with if a plain dish is desired.


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The Cookery Blue Book (1891).

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