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To Sauce a Pig


Take a faire large Pigge and cut off his Head, then slit him through the midst, then take forth his bones, then lay him in warme water one night, then Collar him up like Brawne; then boyle him tender in faire water, and when he is boyled put him in an earthen Pot or Pan into Water and Salt, for that will make him white, and season the flesh, for you must not put Salt in the boyling, for that will make it black, then take a quart of the same broth, and a quart of white wine; boyl them together to make some drink for it, put into it two or three Bay leaves, when it is cold uncloathe the Pig, and put it into the same drink, and it will continue a quarter of a year. It is a necessary Dish in any Gentlemans House; when you serve it in, serve it with greene Fennell, as you doe Sturgion with Vinegar in Saucers.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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