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To make scalding Cheese towards the latter end of May


Take your Evening Milke and put it into Boules, or Earthen Pans, then in the Morning, fleet off the Cream in a Boule by it selfe, put the fleet Milke into a Tub with the Morning Milk, then put in the nights Cream, and stir it together, and heat the Milk, and put in the Rennet; as for ordinary new Milk Cheese, it is to be made thick; when the Cheese is come, gather the Curd into a Cheese-cloath, and set the Whey on the fire till it be seething hot, put the Cheese in a Cloth into a Killar that hath a wafle in the bottome, and poure in the hot Whey, then let out that, and put in more till your Curd feele hard, then break the Curd with your hands, as small as you can, and put an handfull of Salt to it then put it into the Fat, thrune it at noon and at night, and next day put it into a Trough where Cheese is salted every day, and turne it as long as any will enter, then lay it on a Table or Shelfe all Summer; if you will have it mellow to eate within an yeare, it must be laid in Hay in the Spring; if to keep two yeares, let it dry on a Shelfe out of the Wind all the next Summer, and in Winter lay them in Hay a while, or lay them close one to another; I seldome lay any in Hay, I turne and rub them with a rotten cloth especially when they are old, once a week least they rot.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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