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To make Jelly the best manner


Take a Leg of Veale, and pare away the fat as clean as you can, wash it throughly, let it lie soaking a quarter of an hour or more, provided you first breake the bones, then take foure Calves feet, scald off the hair in boyling water, then slit them in two and put them to your Veale, let them boyle over the fire in a brasse pot with two Gallons of water or more acording to the proportion of your Veale, scum it very clean and often; so let it boyle till it comes to three Pintes or little more, then strain it through a cleane strainer, into a Bason, and so let it stand till it be through cold and well jellied, then cut it in peices with a Knife, and pare the top and the bottome of them, put it into a Skellet, take two ounces of Cynamon broken very small with your hand, three Nutmegs sliced, one race of Ginger, a large Mace or two, a little quantity of Salt, one Spoonfull of Wine Vinegar, or Rose-Vinegar, one pound and three quarters of Sugar, a Pint of Renish-wine, or white Wine, and the Whites of fifteen Eggs, well beaten; put all these to the Jelly, then set it on the fire, and let it seeth two or three walmes, ever stirring it as it seeths, then take a very clean Jelly bag, wash the bottom of it in a little Rose water, and wring it so hard that their remaine none behind, put a branch of Rosemary in the bottom of the bag, hang it up before the fire over a Bason; and pour the Jelly-bag into the Bason, provided in any case you stir not the Bag, then take Jelly in the Bason and put it into your bag again, let it run the second time, and it will be very much the clearer; so you may put it into your Gally-pots or Glasles which you please, and set them a cooling on bay salt, and when it is cold and stiffe you may use it at your pleasure, if you will have the jelly of a red colour use it as before, onely instead of Renish wine, use Claret.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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