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To make good Sausages


Take the lean of a Legge of Pork, and four pound of Beefe-suet, or rather butter, shred them together very small, then season it with three quarters of an ounce of Pepper, and halfe an ounce of Cloves and Mace mixed together, as the Pepper is, a handfull of Sage when it is chopt small, and as much salt as you thinke will make them tast well of it; mingle all these with the meat, then break in ten Eggs, all but two or three of the whites, then temper it all well with your hands, and fill it into Hoggs gutts, which you must have ready for them; you must tye the ends of them like Puddings, and when you eat them you must boyle them on a soft fire; a hot will crack the skins, and the goodnesse boyle out of them.


The Compleat Cook (1658).


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