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To make Furmity


Take a quart of Creame, a quarter of a pound of French-barley the whitest you can get, and boyle it very tender in three or four severall waters, and let it be cold, then put both together, put in it a blade of Mace, a Nutmeg cut in quarters, a race of Ginger cut in three or five pieces, and so let it boyle a good while, still stirring, and season it with Sugar to your tast, then take the yolks of four Eggs and beat them with a little Cream, and stir them into it, and so let it boyle a little after the Egs are in, then have ready blanched and beaten twenty Almonds kept from oyling, with a little Rose-water, then take a boulter, strainer, and rub your Almonds with a little of your Furmity through the strainer, but set on the fire no more, and stir in a little Salt and a little sliced Nutmeg, pickt out of the great peices of it, and put it in a dish, and serve it.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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