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To make Clouted Cream


Take foure quarts of Milke, one of Cream, six spoonfuls of Rose-water, put these together in a great Earthen Milke-Pan, and set it upon a fire of Charcoale well kindled, you must be sure the fire be not too hot; then let it stand a day and a night; and when you go to take it off, loose the edge of your Cream around about with a Knife, then take your board, and lay the edges that is left beside the board, cut into many pieces, and put them into the Dish first, and scrape some fine Sugar upon them, then take your board and take off your Cream as clean from the Milk as you can, and lay it upon your Dish, and if your Dish be little, there will be some left, the which you may put into what fashion you please, and scrape good store of Sugar upon it.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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