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To make Almond bread


Take Almonds and lay them in water all night, then blanch them and slice them, to every pound of Almonds, a pound of fine Sugar finely beaten, so mingle them together, then beat the whites of three Egs to high froth, and mix it well with the Almonds and Sugar, then have some Plates and strew some flower on them, and lay Wafers on them, and lay your Almonds with the edges upwards, lay them as round as your can, scrape a little Sugar on them, when they are ready to set in the Oven, which must not be so hot as to colour white Paper, and when they are a little baked, take them out, and them from the Plates, and set them in again, you must keepe them in a Stove.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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