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To make a Portugall Dish


Take the Guts, Gizards and Liver of two fat Capons, cut away the Galles from the Liver, and make clean the Gizards and put them into a Dish of clean water, slit the Gut as you do a Calves Chaldron but take off none of the fat, then lay the Guts about an hour in White-wine, as the Guts soke, half boyle Gizards and Livers, then take a long wooden broach, and spit your Gizards and Liver thereon, but not close one to another, then take and wipe the Guts somewhat dry in Cloth, and season them with Salt and beaten Pepper, Cloves and Mace, then wind the Guts upon the wooden Broach about the Liver, and Gizards, then tye the wooden Broach to spin, and lay them to the fire to roast, and roast them very brown, and bast them not at all till they be enough, then take the Gravy of Mutton, the juyce of two or three Oranges, and a grain of Saffron, mix all well together, and with a spoon bast your roast, let it drop into the same Dish. Then draw it, and serve it to the Table with the same sauce.


The Compleat Cook (1658).


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