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To make a Marchpan; to Ice him, etc.


Take two pound of Almonds blanched, and beaten in a stone Morter till they begin to come to a fine Past, and take a pound of sifted Sugar, and put it in the Morter with the Almonds, and so leave it till it come to a perfect Past, putting in now and then a Spoonfull of Rosewater to keep them from Oyling; when you have beaten them to a perfect Past cover the Marchpan in a sheet, as big as a Charger, and set an edge about as you do about a Tart, and a bottome of wafers under him; thus bake it in an oven or baking pan, when you see your marchpan is hard and dry, take it out and Ice him with Rosewater and sugar being made as thick as butter for Fritters; so spread it on him with a wing-feather; so put it into the Oven againe, and when you see it rise high, then take it out and garnish it with some pretty conceits made part of the same stuff, stick long cumfets uprigh in him so serve it.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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