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To make a great Curd Loaf


Take the Curds of three quarts of new milk clean whayed, and rub into them a little of the finest flower you can get, then take half a race of Ginger, and slice it very thin, and put it into your Curds with a little Salt, then take halfe a pint of good Ale Yeast and put to it, then take ten Eggs, but three of the Whites, let there be so much flower as will make it into a reasonable stiff Past, then put it into an indifferant hot cloth, and lay it before the fire to rise while your Oven is heating, then make it up into a Loaf, and when it is baked, cut up the top of the Loaf, and put in a pound and a half of melted Butter, and a good deale of Sugar in it.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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