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To make a Chicken or Pigeon-Pye


Take your Pigeons (if they be not very young) cut them into four quarters, one sweet-bread sliced the long way, that it may be thin, and the pieces not too big, one Sheeps tongue, little more then parboyl'd, and the skin puld off, and the tongue cut in slices, two or three slices of Veale, as much of Mutton, young chicken (if not little) quarter them, Chick-heads, Lark, or any such like, Pullets, Coxcombs, Oysters, Calves-Udder cut in pieces, good store of Marrow for seasoning, take as much Pepper and Salt as you think fit to season it slightly; good store of sweet Marjoram, a little Time and Lemon-Pill fine sliced; season it well with these Spices as the time of the year will afford; put in either of Chesnuts (if you put in Chesnuts they must first be either boyl'd or roasted) Gooseberries or Guage, large Mace will do well in this Pye, then take a little piece of Veale parboyl'd and slice it very fine, as much Marrow as meat stirred amongst it, then take grated Bread, as much as a quarter of the meat, four yolks of Eggs or more according to the stuffe you make, shred Dates as small as may be, season it with salt, but not too salt. Nutmeg as much as will season it, sweet Marjoram pretty store very small shred, work it up with as much sweet Creame as will make it up in little Puddings, some long, some round, so put as many of them in the Pye as you please; put therein two or three spoonfulls of Gravy of Mutton, or so much strong Mutton broth before you put it in the Oven, the bottome of boyled Artichokes, minced Marrow over and in the bottom of the Pye after your Pye is baked; when you put it up, have some five yolks of Eggs minced, and the juyce of two or three Oranges, the meat of one Lemon cut in pieces, a little White and Claret Wine; put this in your Pye being well mingled, and shake it very well together.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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