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To boyle Cream with Codlings


Take a quart of Cream and boyle it with some Mace and Sugar, and take two yolks of Eggs, and beat them well with a spoonfull of Rose-water and a grain of Amber-greece, then put it into the Cream with a piece of sweet Butter as big as a Wall-nut, and stir it together over the fire untill it be ready to boyle, then set it some time to coole, stirring it continually till it be cold; then take a quarter of a pound of Codlings strained, and put them into a silver Dish over a few coales till they be almost dry, and being cold, and the Cream also, poure the Cream upon them, and let them stand on a soft fire covered an hour, then serve them in.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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