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To boyle a pudding after the French fashion


Take a Turkey that is very fat, and being pul'd and drest, Lard him with long pieces of Lard, first wholed in seasoning of Salt, Pepper, Nutmegs, Cloves and Mace, then take one piece of Lard whole in the seasoning, put it into the belly with a sprig of Rosemary and Bayes, sow it very close in a clean cloth, and let it lye all night covered with White-Wine, let it be put into a pot with the same Liquor, and no more, let it be close stopped, then hang it over a very soft and gentle fire, there to continue six houres in a simpering boyle, when it is cold, take it out of the cloth, not before, put it in a Pye-plate, and stick it full of Rosemary and Bayes, so serve it up with Mustard and Sugar, they are wont to lay it on a napkin folded square, and lay it corner wise.


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The Compleat Cook (1658).

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